Privacy Policy

Hotel-restaurant Villa Neretva recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and preserves the privacy of its site visitors. Any information that a visitor sends or is automatically recorded is used solely and exclusively in accordance with this Statement.

Hotel-restaurant Villa Neretva records all the visits to its site. Collected information includes the client’s IP address, visited site list, browser type, and other data. Villa Neretva collects this information solely for its own needs for security reasons and for statistical analysis.

Cookies using the site of the hotel-restaurant Villa Neretva serve solely for the identification of a single visitor’s session and do not record any other information about the visitor, nor does Villa Neretva give it to third parties.

Some links from these pages point to other sites and resources on the Internet that are in no way related to the hotel-restaurant Villa Neretva nor the Villa Neretva has control over them. Visitors to our sites remind you that when visiting other sites, they check the privacy statement or other relevant documents that govern the way visitors collect their personal information.

Personal data
All personal information, in particular email addresses, contact numbers, mobile and fax devices sent by the visitor through the use of electronic mail, through forms or in any other way, is treated as a business secret by the Villa Neretva and is not shared with third parties.

Hotel-restaurant Villa Neretva reserves the right to change the Privacy Statement at any time. For this reason, visitors are advised to periodically check the content of this site.

Last update: 03/2011.