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20. annyversary of the Fotosafari in the Neretva valley

Passed 20 years from the first safari in the Neretva valley. When Pavo Jerkovic, Neretva known restaurateur went to this unusual project July 16 2016. The could not even dream that Neretva become a world-famous tourist destination.

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“While enjoying eel and frog “brodetto”, in a rustic ambiance of Neretva House and listening to the silence around you, you will feel nostalgic about the past times , when there was no hurry, when it seems that, the time was waiting for the man to finish his work. A lot of people have truly experienced this symbiosis – – why don’t you, too?” say the hosts..

Swiss coming to Neretva

Ornithological collection in Metkovic visited Gerhard Gretz, lobbyist Croatian National Tourist Board for Switzerland. Mr. Gretz these days visiting the whole of Croatia, and Metković visited traveling to Hvar.

Rafo got marred

Rafo married Marina before 400 guests. Rafah is hosted lavish wedding where there were more than 400 guests , After touching ceremony wedding festivities started in the restaurant Villa Neretva near Metkovic.

Pavo Jerkovic and Ivo Ogresta - excellent caterers and great friends

Pavo Jerkovic and Ivo Ogresta – excellent caterers and great friends …

Photo safari Neretva marsh channels

Photo safari Neretva marsh channels is a real tourist attraction, and even when all the circle of eel stew and fried frogs …

11. boat marathon

One of the founders of the concept marathon tireless Pavo Jerkovic, owner of Villa Neretva, years persistently promotes Neretva tourism and regular guests organizes boat from which accompany Marathon with selected specialties of the Neretva.


Pavo Jerkovic, awarded for the quality by Booking.com

Immediately after Metković, when you are driving from the direction of Sarajevo, five and a half kilometers to the left of the border, there is the restaurant hotel Villa Neretva.